Look At All These Damn Bucket Hats Popping Up All Over Cleveland Browns Training Camp

The bucket hat. Meant to shield both your face and the back of your neck from the sun at the same damn time. Favored by Florida dock workers and Schoolboy Q alike. And now they're sprouting up at Cleveland Browns training camp like bowties at the Republican National Convention. 

Just look at all these damn bucket hats. Robert Griffin III rocked one on the very first day, along with some long sleeves underneath his jersey despite the temperature outside exceeding 90 degrees like some sort of psycho. 


Duke Johnson wore one because Duke Johnson played at Miami and the bucket hat was surely part of his daily campus attire. 

Duke Johnson - VFTT

Terrelle Pryor wore one because Terrelle Pryor is clearly trying to dress like that camp counselor who acts cool and chews tobacco and wears sweatpants with a throwback basketball jersey for no good reason but secretly still owns his entire Pokemon card collection. 

Terrelle Pryor - VFTT

Even Josh Gordon wore one, because Josh Gordon simply wants to fit in and what better way to do that than by covering most of your face with a hat meant for men who captain ships. 

Josh Gordon - VFTT

Bucket hats are taking over Cleveland Browns training camp. It's like dad jeans for football players, which means they will never die no matter how many times you refuse to be seen with your parents in public.